About Us

Swoon Art is a dynamic dealership offering a rarely found specialism in Chinese Antiques and Far Eastern Art. We stock only genuine pieces of quality and rarity, well researched and fully described, to give buyers every confidence in their investment. Swoon Art always look for pieces with an interesting provenance which adds both historical interest and desirability.

We offer:

  • Furniture: We stock late Ming to late Qing Dynasty 16th-19th century pieces of originality and unusual design, made of rare woods such as zitan or huanghuali, as well as high quality items of hongmu and other hardwoods.
  • Ceramics: We provide precise and accurate condition reports for all ceramics we sell and guarantee authenticity.
  • Sculpture: We deal in all mediums of Oriental sculpture including bronzes, wood and lacquer examples. Items from Nepal, Tibet and China are of particular interest to us and we stock examples on a regular basis.
  • Thangkas: This is a dealership speciality and we now have a loyal clientele worldwide who can rely on our acquiring fine and impressive pieces to suit all budgets.
  • Jades: In this area fraught with difficulty for the inexperienced buyer we can offer high quality pieces with accurate dating for items ranging from pendants to boulder carvings.
  • Cloisonné & Lacquer: Good provenance and condition are key to items we stock.
  • In addition we also offer Scroll paintings, Textiles, Scholars Desk Pieces, Bamboo Carvings, Mineral Carvings, and Rhinoceros Horn Libation Cups.

Our website uses high quality professional photos allowing clients to inspect every part of whatever piece interests them. We respond quickly to requests for additional information, condition detail, or to provide additional images and close–ups.

We have specialist knowledge of Works of Art that may include materials derived from protected species – ivory carvings, tortoiseshell inlaid pieces, and rhinoceros horn libation cups for example. Materials now governed by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, Flora and Fauna) in some cases require CITES documentation such as A10 licences or export licences. We can advise private clients or solicitors acting for Estates on such matters, and apply for specific licences as required.

For smaller objects we offer a bespoke viewing service if required, either at our gallery in the North of England or at a London venue, by appointment. Our London agent is a fluent Chinese speaker and can help arrange this to suit your diary/visit to the UK, as well as attending to any other needs such as translation.